Vellacheri’s Guardian Angel

The Vellacheri village located in the Tiruvallur district is situated to the North of Palavedu village. Similar to the other villages in the district, Vellacheri is blessed with several water bodies that provide water and life to the natives. The Vellacheri Lake, the largest lake in the village, plays a major role as a source of water for the farmers as well as a habitat for local flora and fauna.

Over the years, with no maintenance in place, the lake was overtaken by invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora and Ipomoea carnea. Excess silt deposits were found across the lake bed, causing the lake to have a lesser storage capacity. Encroachments began to emerge at the lake, thereby reducing its area. The lake, that was once a guardian angel of the village, was slowly dying.

In an ambitious effort to revive the lake, E.F.I in collaboration with the Government of Tamil Nadu and AstraZeneca took on the task of restoring the Vellacheri Lake. Check out all that happened during its restoration!

We thank our volunteers who helped in strengthening our efforts!

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  1. We inhumanly increase our population so much but decrease plants & animals so much all over the world! We need to increase & improve the Nature all over the world! I wish to do it in Kurnool, AP, India! Thank you very much! Sarat

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