Reviving the Kollappancheri Lake

Located adjacent to the Kollappancheri Toll Plaza along the Chennai Outer Ring Road, this large lake plays an important role as a source of water in the region. The Kollappancheri Lake is part of a larger water system, established by our ancestors to ensure water security for the residents of the Tiruvallur District.

As years passed by, the lake began to shrink as human settlements took over the natural ecosystem, paving way for invasive weeds and solid waste to get accumulated as a result of no proper maintenance. The future of the Kollappancheri Lake seemed bleak as it was in a dire need of a holistic restoration.

E.F.I along with support from the Government of TN took on the task of reviving the Kollappancheri lake! Check out all that happened during its restoration!

Here’s what the local residents had to say about this restoration!

We thank the local residents and volunteers who strengthened our efforts!

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