Bhuj’s Lake Gets a Major Revamp – Desalsar Lake

India’s largest district, Kutch, is truly a world of its own. The district is well-known for its culture, history, and of course, the natural landscapes. The town of Bhuj located in the heart of the district is the Municipality and District Headquarters of Kutch. Blessed with several natural resources such as the hills, and the water bodies, the town had attracted several inhabitants.

Over the years, however, there was a definitive impact on these natural resources as they were exploited and abused. The Desalsar Lake is one such water body. Years of solid waste dumping and inflow of untreated sewage made this bird haven a misery. The lake had ultimately fallen prey to the invasive weed, the water hyacinth. which had completely covered the lake’s surface area.

In an effort to restore and revive the lake, E.F.I along with the Bhuj Nagar Palika and HDB Financial Services Ltd, had taken on the task of rejuvenating the Desalsar Lake. Take a look at all that happened during its restoration!

Check out what the local residents had to say about this restoration!

We thank our volunteers and local residents for strengthening our efforts!

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