Reviving Kanchipuram’s Historic Waterbody – Sundaleri Lake

The Kanchipuram District is well-known for its renowned traditional clothing industry and its historical significance which attracts several tourists to visit this cultural capital in the South. Apart from its rich culture, the city also offers an escape into the natural world as countless water bodies and green landscapes adorn it.

The Sundaleri Lake, located in the Northeastern part of Kanchipuram in the Vallakottai village is one such gem. A large lake located in a peri-urban setup was found to lose its life day by day as no maintenance was carried out to ensure the well-being of the lake. Invasive weeds had taken over the damaged bunds and were scattered across the lake’s uneven bed.

With administrative support from the Government of Tamil Nadu, funding support from the Hinduja Housing Finance, part of the Hinduja Foundation, under the Jal Jeevan initiative, E.F.I had taken on the task of restoring the Sundaleri Lake.

We thank the local residents who strengthened our efforts in restoring the Sundaleri Lake.

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