The Kalapatti Water Tales – Thottipalayam Pond

Located on the outskirts of the Kalapatti region, the Thottipalayam Pond is a 3-acre large water body. The pond plays a vital role in providing groundwater for the region and also as a natural habitat for local birds, snakes and frogs. Owing to modernisation and urbanisation, the pond had shrunk in size as several small shops were built on the water body. With no maintenance in place, excess silt deposits were found across the water body, with large amounts of solid waste being directly into it.

The pond was in a dire need of a revival to ensure it would be able to store water in the coming monsoon showers. E.F.I with administrative support from the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and funding support from HDB Financial Service Ltd. had taken on the task of restoring the Thottipalayam Pond. Take a look at what happened during its restoration!

Check out what the local residents had to say about this restoration!

We thank our volunteers and local residents for supporting us!

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