Rejuvenating Minjur’s Community Pond: The Nandiambakkam Pond

These days, community ponds across the country always seemed to neglected. They’re often covered with debris, dumped with solid waste, and are filled with untreated sewage, turning them into cesspools. We must understand that community ponds are just as important as reservoirs or large lakes! They help in sustaining the lives of a community, and play a vital role in controlling floods in the region.

The Nandiambakkam Pond in North Chennai is one such a pond. Owing to years of neglect and improper maintenance, the pond had soon become a dumpyard, filled with the neighborhood’s sewage.

In an effort to revive and conserve this water body, E.F.I in association with the Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Ashok Leyland, part of the Hinduja Foundation under the Jal Jeevan initiative have taken on the task of restoring the Nandiambakkam Pond. Take a look at all that happened during this restoration

We thank all those who supported and strengthened our efforts in restoring the Nandiambakkam Pond!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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