Afforestation Project in Kanchipuram

Global warming is taking place at an alarming rate with everyday temperatures soaring to new highs. One of the major factors leading to this situation is deforestation. Forests across the planet are getting destroyed for the sake of urbanization and development. That’s when we decided we need to get into action!

We at E.F.I in partnership with Grundfos India have taken up a barren piece of land in the Kunnam Village in Kanchipuram, and is now being converted into a forest patch under the #ForesTree initiative!

With the help of a tractor, the land was tilled to ensure that the soil is well-aerated and allows for new saplings to grow in ease.

To ensure that this new forest patch is well maintained, a solar powered water pump has been installed to facilitate the irrigation for this project. The shift towards renewable sources of energy is truly a necessity when it comes to conserving the environment.

The entire project is inspired by the famous Miyawaki Forest plan, focused on creating a dense forest in an urban set up. Over 1220 native saplings, including Neem, Pongamia (Pungai), Portia (Poovarasam), Indian Gooseberry (Nelli), Jackfruit (Palapazham), Guava, Tamarind, Jamun (Naval), Lemon have been planted here so far.

With the help of the solar-powered water pump, regular watering and maintenance takes place to ensure that the saplings are well nurtured.

Supportive sticks have been erected to make sure that the plants does not get uprooted owing to heavy winds or rains.

Current state of the Afforestation Project

We thank Grundfos India for supporting our cause in creating and preserving a greener environment.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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