A Big Win from the City of Victory – Part 2

Kanuru, a tiny little village hamlet in the Krishna district of Vijayawada, is home to several lakes and pond systems. Each of these water bodies serves a different purpose. One such a water body in Kanuru is the Pedda Cheruvu. A 5.5 acre lake, the Pedda Cheruvu serves as a fishing tank in one end and used for agrarian purposes in the other.

Just like any other water body in India, the Pedda Cheruvu too fell prey to urbanization and improper maintenance. Invasive weed species, excess dumping of garbage and eutrophication of the lake had taken control of the lake prior to its restoration.

Thanks to the collaborative conservation effort between the Government of Andhra Pradesh-Krishna District Administration, IndusInd Bank part of the Hinduja Foundation, and E.F.I, the lake is now thriving with water and life as several birds and reptiles can be spotted in it!

Take a look at all that had happened during its restoration!

We thank the local residents and volunteers who supported this restoration! Read part 1 here.

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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