Chennai’s Waterbodies are Monsoon Ready!

For ages, we have been grateful for all the rains we receive in India. To this date, Monsoons plays a vital role in human beings’ welfare and India’s environment. India is a land full of rivers, lakes, and ponds. Chennai, a metropolitan city, is no less than a wonder, with multiple water bodies in and around the city. 

Lakes and ponds are vital players in maintaining groundwater levels. Water in them percolates and recharges the groundwater table every monsoon. They also help preserve the local temperature and regulate flooding. Many citizens in Chennai realized the importance of these oases only after the floods of 2015.

While human activities have degraded these water bodies, E.F.I has been restoring lakes and ponds with the community’s help in and around the water bodies and other stakeholders. Here are some Lakes and ponds revived by E.F.I., which are thriving with life and ready for the Monsoon of 2020. Let’s embrace our water bodies and stop abusing them!

Mandappam Kuttai, Velachery

Kannagi Nagar Kulam, Thuraipakkam

Kannan Pond, Thuraipakkam

Nehru Nagar Pond, Thuraipakkam

Thazhambur Pond, Sholinganallur

Egatoor Pond, Sholinganallur

Rajiv Gandhi Nagar Pond, Sholinganallur

Sannan Pond, Sholinganallur

Thalli Pond, Sholinganallur

Sholinganallur Lake, Sholinganallur

Pidari Ponniamman Pond, Ambattur

Vairavan Pond, Ambattur

Sada Pond, Ambattur

Karrupan Pond, Ambattur

We are celebrating it as we have worked in anticipation all year long. The lakes, ponds are all ready to welcome every drop that the rains bring in. Happy Monsoons.

Photos and blog by: K Sri Sivaram, Communications intern

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