Mega Lakes of 2019 – Pura Kulam Restoration by E.F.I

The ‘Pura Kulam’ translates to the ‘Pigeon Pond.’ This pond restored by E.F.I separates two states of Andhra Pradesh and TamilNadu, it is located in an idyllic location with hills in the backdrop and green fields all around. Reviving this mega lake was to emphasize on effective water conservation efforts in rural districts.

  1. The lake has been restored to its original boundary
  2. Deepened by 4ft across the contour can now hold 80-85% more water than before
  3. Has a strong foreshore and offshore embankment, with the highest point being 18ft from the depths
  4. Removal of invasive weeds and trash has helped better percolation
  5. The native plantation on the bunds is helping increase green cover.

Check out the restoration story through photos.

This Mega Lake is now revived.

Volunteer For India & her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind

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