WED Celebrations – E.F.I style

E.F.I volunteered to clean the Periya Eri in Thriuneermalai after getting permission from the Thiruneermalai Panchayat. About 15 volunteers participated in this clean up. It is very disturbing to know that almost 50% of this lake has dried up and it’s not long before this area becomes yet another dumping ground for garbage in the city. This was one of the reasons, E.F.I decided to clean this lake and revive it’s spirit. E.F.I invited volunteers across all age groups to participate in our clean up activity and is constantly looking  at new ways of community building to protect our environment.

Advantages of a clean pond include:

  1. Temperature regulation
  2. Ground water percolation
  3. Prevention of waterborne diseases
  4. Localized climate change combat

E.F.I thanks it’s volunteer coordinators and Thiruneermalai Panchayat for their support in strengthening E.F.I’s efforts.

Volunteer with E.F.I for India & her Environment

Jai Hind

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