Adyar – A Year Later

Adyar, the mighty river of Chennai is probably one of the most abused-misused river in the world. Her trail from origin to the culmination, a short distance through Chennai is a distinct representation of all that is wrong with humanity. A year after the devastating floods of 2015, here is a photo trail of Adyar exactly 12 months later.

Adyar is reduced to a stream that is the collective sin of Chennai the city!













6 thoughts on “Adyar – A Year Later

  1. these people will not repent. I am crying with you. no one to comfort us.
    There should be at least 100 meters of clearance on both side of the river.
    there should not be any human habitat within the said range, the river or water canal should be allowed to flow without any hindrance.
    There should be clear marking on the bunds through Palmyra trees showing the border of the river or water body.
    the most important thing is ban on plastic and styrofoam.
    there should be a vision for the environment at the governance level which in tamilnadu is very fare to be seen.
    total ban on packaged drinking water manufacturing or selling in this state. people will realise the importance of drinking water and protecting the water bodies.

  2. I am ashamed. During the same time last year everyone was talking about this Adayar river. Now?. Can NSS units and environment club of colleges do any changes?

  3. We the citizens of Chennai city should take responsible and bring back it’s original form rather than it being an outlet for sewage and waste, area for buildings(lake view apts, river view apts) . And clear demarcation of the boundaries should be brought into this and areas surrounding rivers, canal, lake should be marked eco sensitive area to avoid all the urban issues .

  4. All the Rubbish are discarded n to the Adyar River. More awarness neded about he conservation of Water Needed at this moment.


  5. One of Chennai’s problems is the huge variation in annual rainfall. In some years there are floods while other years have drought.

    There are two important points about the Adyar.
    1. There is a sand bar at its mouth. Do remove it — and keep it removed. Makes a huge difference to the flood level.
    2. De-silt the river so that its carrying capacity is restored.

    My article on the Chennai floods is at

    It needs to be read in conjunction with a previous article that explains the basic principles of fluid flow

    Then there are 600+ tanks and reservoirs in the Chennai region. De-silting them will mitigate both drought and floods.

  6. You guys are doing great work. But you need to know the Law of Continuity which is the basic law governing the flow of fluids.

    I am surprised to see that my comment of July 12, 2017 is still awaiting moderation.

    Other than your work, I am not aware of any flood prevention measures by the government and people of Chennai. Sorry, folks, beware of the next flood.

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