2013 The New Beginning At Keezhkattalai

2013 January will see the launch of a myriad of projects at Keezhkattalai Lake. Every weekend an activity will be carried out at the lake to ensure complete restoration by 2013 February. The lake will now have a dedicated EFI  Restoration Committee focusing on the planning and execution.

Management: Akshat Jain

Conservation: Manasa Bala

Research and Development: Malini Hari

Communicaton: Vignesh Mahesh.

They will be joined by a younger brigade of seasoned EFI vols such as Keerthana Sampathkumar, Ravinaa Jayakumar, Sharun and Kevin. The responsibilities of this committee ranges from organizing a full fledged restoration work at the Lake comprising of:

1. Volunteer initiated Lake Clean Ups twice a month. Every 2nd and 4th Sundays.

2. Debate/Quiz at the lake once a month

3. Herbal garden plantation once a month on the lake bund

4. Fencing the lake through the month

5. Photo and Video documentation of the Lake Restoration Efforts with its impact.

Now it is upto to the rest of Chennai to decide what role they want to play in this interestingly challenging first of its kind Lake Restoration in India.

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