Lakes A Lifeline

Environmentalist Foundation of India started cleaning lakes because volunteers in the NGO were worried about beautiful lakes turning into dumpyards. Our actions we never knew could have such great impact on the environment at large. The lake that which we cleaned in Mudichur, has fish revived in the tank with egrets and herons returning. Even before we could rejoice this fete, came in news from across Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh that water bodies ranging from Lakes/Ponds and small rivulets/streams are being encroached, polluted and exploited.


We want to adopt them all, but will be able to is the big question. Requests for restoring water bodies has come in from Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Ramanathapuram, Pollachi, Villipuram, Arani, Ongole, Kurnool, Warangal, Sri Kakulam and many many more. We at EFI genuinely want to restore water bodies in all these villages n towns. We are looking for young enterprising volunteers who could run these projects with our expertise and network to support them. A collective measure to revive most of India’s water bodies. Its a battle against countless opposition but what is reassuring is Nature bounces back in style when given an opportunity and stands support to all our efforts.

We are starting with the Madambakkam Large Tank in Chennai and are proceeding to Hyderabad (3 lakes) Bangalore (1 lake) Moovarasampet in Chennai and continue with our efforts in Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Kurnool and Ongole.

Mother of all these restoration efforts will be that at Keezhkattalai Lake in Chennai. EFI is executing a multi step project at this lake to completely restore it to its original capacity. Hoping to revive our lifeline so that many lives could begin to depend on these and thrive.

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