The Sendurwafa Lake Restoration Story

Sendurwafa lake is located in the town of Sakoli in the northeastern region of Maharashtra. Sakoli is also within a 50 km radius of tiger and forest reserves. The Sendurwafa lake is one of few waterbodies in this tropically wet and dry region of Maharashtra. The Sendurwafa Lake acts as an essential point of groundwater recharge and also helps control the local climatic condition.

The Sendurwafa lake lost its prominence due to continuous littering and lack of care. The bunds of the lake were dilapidated and at the same time, its catchment area was ridden with weeds and garbage.

With administrative support from the Government of Maharashtra and funding support from HDFC Life, E.F.I took the task of reviving the Sendurwafa Lake. Check out all that happened during this restoration!

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