Kanagam – An Urban Eco Park in the Making

Located in the North-western region of Chennai, Anna Nagar is a rapidly urbanizing neighborhood. With the Cooum river flowing South of the region, the area attracts several birds and local fauna. Over the years as the city grew, Anna Nagar saw a large inflow of inhabitants and industries being set up in it. This had taken a major toll on the ecological balance of the region as several green spaces began to disappear.

The OSR (open space reservation) land located in the area was a barren land that was filled with construction debris that had been dumped in it for several years. The area showed great potential to be transformed into a space where recreation and nature would harmonize.

In an ambitious effort to bring life to this abandoned land, E.F.I has partnered with the Greater Chennai Corporation to create an Urban Eco-Park! Take a look at all that has happened on the site with the photos below!

We thank the GCC and local residents & volunteers for strengthening our efforts on the field. Stay tuned to this space to know more about the project!

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