Revamping Kanchipuram’s Water Bodies: Periyathangal Lake

The Kanchipuram District located Southwest of Chennai is a culturally important region well-known for its ancient temples and textiles. The region, however, is also well-adorned with countless natural resources such as lakes, streams, ponds, hills, and forests. Just like any other district in the country, the natural landscapes of the region were soon to be forgotten as it progressed to become developed.

The Periyathangal Lake in the Vallam village is one such water body. Part of a larger water system, the lake was left with little to no care being carried out in it. In an effort to revive this large urban lake, a collaborative restoration effort was carried out by the Government of Tamil Nadu, ZF Hero Chasis Pvt Ltd, and E.F.I. Take a look at all that happened during this restoration!

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