E.F.I’s ForesTREE in the Arms of our Protectors at Chandigarh

With the nation steadily progressing towards urbanization and modernization, there is a constant need to maintain the ecological balance, and come up with ideas and solutions that are sustainable and environment-friendly. In the recent past, many countries and corporates across the globe have been striving to come up with new technologies, methodologies and strategies in the battle against climate change.

The Afforestation project at the BSF HQ Campus in Chandigarh is one such project that was executed in collaboration between the BSF Chandigarh, HDFC Life and E.F.I. The project was implemented at a location allocated by the BSF Camp officials.

Removal of Debris

Years of maintenance had led to the dumping of solid waste on the project site. With the help of manpower, non-biodegradable waste and construction debris were cleared from the site. The construction debris was further repurposed for the beautification of the site.

Preparation of Land

The undulated land was levelled by the addition of local garden soil using a tipper. The entire land parcel was then worked on with the help of a backhoe loader and manpower.

Native Tree Plantation

To enhance the biodiversity of the region, native tree saplings were planted across the site. A total of 255 saplings were planted at the site. A variety of fruit-bearing, sub-canopy and canopy trees were procured and planted with bamboo support sticks to aid their initial growth.

Common Name Scientific Name
AmlaEmblica Officinalis
ArjunTerminalia arjuna
SheeshamDalbergia sissoo
Burma DekMelia azedarach
Blackboard treeAlstonia scholaris
MahuaMadhuca longifolia
JamunSyzygium cumini
GuavaPsidium guajava
Bottle brushCallistemon citrinus

Beautification of Site

Bricks were laid along the boundaries and trees of the site to give it an aesthetic look.

We thank the local volunteers, partners and well-wishers for supporting this effort.

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