The Sendurwafa Lake Restoration Story

The Sendurwafa Lake in the Sakholi Tehsil, located in the Eastern corner of Madhya Pradesh in the Bhandara District was taken up for restoration in 2022. E.F.I in collaboration with Government of Madhya Pradesh and HDFC Life had taken on the task to revive the lake back to its natural glory.

Removal of Solid Waste

Owing to years of dumping of trash along the bunds of the lake, solid domestic waste was cleared at the early stages of restoration with the help of machinery.

Deweeding of Invasive Species

Harmful invasive weeds such as Prosopis and Meshram that were found in large numbers at the lake were removed from the lake. Native trees at the lake were left untouched. A total of 3 tonnes of invasive weeds were removed.

Desilting the Lake

With no proper maintenance carried out, excess silt deposits were found across the lake. This silt was excavated to increase the storage of the lake and to level the undulated lake bed.

Strengthening of Embankments

The excavated silt was later used to strengthen the bunds of the lake that would help in giving the lake a structural integrity and also provide a definitive boundary to the lake.

The 25-acre large lake today is all set to host the local flora and fauna that once thrived in the region.

Take a look at how the lake has transformed in just one monsoon shower!

We thank our partners, volunteers, local residents and well-wishers for strengthening this effort.

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