A centuries-old Temple Pond Gets Restored in West Chennai

Located in Nandambakkam, a western neighborhood in Chennai is the Sri Kothandarama Swami Temple, a centuries old temple. Visited by several people from across the city owing to its cultural and historical significance, the temple pond was once frequently used for a place to perform sacred rituals, and also as a place for nature to thrive.

Over time as the city grew, Nandambakkam witnessed a steady rise in its population, that led to the destruction of several water bodies in the area. The centuries-old temple pond being one of them. Consistent dumping of solid waste and no proper maintenance led to the downfall of this pond.

In a collaborative effort between the Government of Tamil Nadu, HR&CE Dept., Kalpakalakshmi Charitable Trust and E.F.I, the temple pond was restored back to its natural glory! Check out all that happened during this restoration!

We thank all those who supported us in restoring this water body!

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