The Mummari Project: Democracy and Water Conservation

Launched over 2 years ago, the #MummariProject was launched by the collector of Tiruvallur District, Tmt. Mageswari Ravikumar IAS. This project focuses on the revival of freshwater lakes and ponds.

We at E.F.I our proud to be a part of this initiative and thank the Tmt. Mageswari and the #TiruvallurDistrictCollectorate for their administrative support!

We dedicate these efforts to Tmt. Mageswari IAS and thank all those who have supported us!

Restorations under the Mummari Project

Pura Kulam, Restored in 2019

The ‘Pura Kulam’ translates to the ‘Pigeon Pond.’ This pond restored by E.F.I separates two states of Andhra Pradesh and TamilNadu, it is located in an idyllic location with hills in the backdrop and green fields all around. Reviving this mega lake was to emphasize on effective water conservation efforts in rural districts.

Alapakkam Lake, Restored in 2019

The Alapakkam Lake, located in Tiruvallur, was the main source of water for the nearby residing communities and was also used for agricultural practices. But over the years, due to sheer negligence, the lake was covered with invasive weed species and had become completely dry! When taken up for restoration, the lake had its bunds strengthened, water holding area increased along with native trees planted along its bunds!

Goonipalayam – Alleri Lake, Restored in 2019

Alleri lake located at the Goonipalayam Village of Thiruvallur District is undergoing a complete revamp. Funded by the Dr. Sivanthi Adithanar Narpani Mandra, with Administrative Support from Tiruvallur District Collector under Project Mummari, E.F.I had taken on the effort to revive this water body.

Koladi Lake

The #KoladiLake restoration. An Eco-Paradise in the making. E.F.I with support from Thiruvallur District Administration and Rotary Club of Madras has taken on the ambitious task of reviving this lake.

What makes the #KoladiLake restoration so special? Watch this video to find out!

Watch what the local residents had to say about this eco-restoration!

Ayapakkam-Aparna Nagar Lake

 The Ayapakkam lake, that was once nothing but a breeding ground for mosquitoes, has today become a water paradise!

Watch what the residents had to say about this #EcoRestoration

Mittanamalli Lake

Located in Avadi, the Mittanamalli Lake is a massive lake that serves as a pristine ecosystem for the nearby area. A lake that was used for swimming, recreation and agriculture purposes, had been covered with invasive weeds and shrunk due to urbanization over the years.

Watch what the residents had to say about this #EcoRestoration

Thirumullaivoyal Pond

Located in Avadi, the Thirumullaivoyal Pond was once a pond that quenched the passer-by’s thirst. As time went by, the pond that was filled with beautiful flowers has today turned into a cesspool, filled with sewage. Taken up for restoration, today the pond is thriving with new life!

We thank all those who have supported us in these efforts! It is our responsibility to save our water for us, and future generations.

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