Lakes in a Jiffy

Take a look at some of E.F.I’s scientific innovations at our lakes and ponds restoration efforts!

Alleri Tank Restoration

Located within the M.E.P.Z, the Alleri is an important water body located between the larger Kadaperi and Thiruneermalai lakes. A collaborative conservation effort between M.E.P.Z, DXC Technology and the Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I)

Madambakkam Lake Restoration

Madambakkam lake in the southwest of Chennai is one of the largest lakes in the city and indeed a boon to be discovered for us at E.F.I. A collaborative effort between PWD, Government of Tamil Nadu, and the Rotary Club of Madras, south has facilitated E.F.I in reviving the lake of serenity.

Neem-Pocket Island

The island with neem tree has been constructed to conserve the species and would be a natural nesting place for birds and other reptiles in the near future

Recharge Boxes

These are recharge pits for the water body that are used to increase the water holding capacity and recharge the groundwater level

Vandalur Lake Restoration

The Vandalur lake is situated in the southwestern part of the metropolitan city of Chennai.  A collaborative effort between PWD and AstraZeneca has facilitated E.F.I in the refurbishment efforts of a disowned water body for the nature to bounce back with its at most resources.

Koladi Lake Restoration

The Koladi Lake restoration. An Eco-Paradise in the making. E.F.I with support from Thiruvallur District Administration and the Rotary Club of Madras has taken on the ambitious task of reviving this lake.

Construction of dual embankment prevents rapid soil erosion and protects the lake from further dumping of waste.

We thank all those who have helped in strengthening our efforts in restoration of these water bodies.

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6 thoughts on “Lakes in a Jiffy

  1. Admirable, would desire Lake No. to be designated.
    GPS Posn. may also be given __ N, __E in bracket of the centre point of w/body, Area in sq.m with av depth as a running data.
    With well wishes on 150+ w /bodies, and progressing…

  2. Great efforts..The Public – Private – NPO’s is a good combination for such eco friendly projects.
    It can be sustained and will be an on going project with rich dividends to ecology and public in general.

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