Puliyakeni at Velchery.

These photos will tell you the story of how an urban pond in Chennai was restored from a dump to being a habitat.

Volunteer for India & her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind.

3 thoughts on “Puliyakeni at Velchery.

  1. This is an amazing effort, making an impossible looking task into a reality.
    Dedication, perseverance and tremendous hard work must have gone into this transformation.
    A Salute to you and your team.
    You are giving mother earth , the flora ,fauna and next generations to come a second chance of life with dignity 🙏
    Bless you all. Continue the good work.

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  2. We are the CSR arm of a mid level Co.
    We want to restore & rejuvenate a pond in the village where we are running a skill dev.centre through an agency.Can you pls share the process of maintaining a rejuvenated pond at a low cost please.


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