Volunteers Clean Kumaraswamy Lake

E.F.I’s  Clean up efforts in making Kumaraswamy Lake a plastic free zone.

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The Kumaraswamy Lake located in Chokkampudhur,Coimbatore has been used as a dump yard over the years. It had all kinds of waste including plastics, diapers, glass etc. It  had been polluting this lake and it’s aquatic life. E.F.I , in an effort to make this a plastic free zone, joined hand with the locals and organised a clean up on the 28th May of 2017. This clean up was an eye opener to all the volunteers who participated.The volunteers tried to eradicate all form of non degradable  waste in this phase-1 clean up. They were successful in removing a juice stall (located in close proximity to the lake) that was dumping plastic straws and cups into the lake. A total of 30 volunteers participated in this event.

Advantages of a clean lake include:

  1. Temperature regulation
  2. Ground water percolation
  3. Prevention of waterborne disease
  4. Localized climate change combat

E.F.I thanks it’s volunteer coordiantors and district administration of coimbatore, sanitary officer and corporation workers for their time and effort throughout this clean up.

E.F.I will continue it’s phase-2 clean up on the June 4th 2017. To volunteer with us at coimbatore, contact-9500047657

Volunteer with E.F.I for India & her environment

Jai Hind

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