EFI’s Restoration efforts begin at Nagapattinam Ponds

Facing the drought, the farmers of this city are famished by the sun everyday, without pure water to drink/consume. Water bodies of the district are becoming victims to larger issues of development and climate change. E.F.I began its pond restoration efforts in the Nagapattinam district on the 10th of May. E.F.I  aims at creating a safe haven for the region’s birds, turtles and all dependent life forms. 

Thiruvaimur-Thamarai Pond

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Nagapattinam has been known for it’s lakes and gardens. This city which had more than 300 lakes in the past has been a victim of an unregulated urban growth leading to illegal encroachment. This has not only reduced the number of water bodies in Nagapattinam but has also lowered the ground water level leading to drastic drought conditions.By cleaning and restoring freshwater bodies, we are creating bio-diversified hot-spots within the city.As of now, E.F.I has secured permission for restoring 2 ponds in Nagapattinam. The pictures you see above are supporting images of the  restoration efforts happening at Thiruvaimur-Thamarai Pond in the Thirukavalai Thaluka, Nagapattinam District. The expected outcomes include ground water stabilization, prevention of waterborne diseases and an overall improvement in the ecological,economical and climate impact in the villages chosen. The Thiruvaimur-Thamarai pond restoration will be completed in a span of another 20 days. Following which, restoration efforts will start at Kiramethumedu-Thamarai Pond.

                           E.F.I thanks the local community, Nagapattinam district administration and                             The Better India’s #FIGHTDROUGHT campaign for their support throughout the restoration.

To volunteer with us at Nagapattinam,contact- 9655872524.

Volunteer for India & her Environment with EFI!

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