A plastic free zone,filled with plastic and other non-degradable wastes,Thamirabarani has suffered enough in the last few years. E.F.I has decided to put an end to this river’s sufferings by reviving it’s spirit and aesthetic heritage associated with this place. 

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As the beautiful Thamirabarani river flows through Papanasam, this river is expected  to flow perenially. Originating from Agastiyarkoodam, Thamirabarani flows through disctricts like Tirunelveli and Tuticorin finally flowing right into the Gulf of Mannar. As wonderful as all this sounds, down the years this river has been polluted with a lot of plastic waste making aquatic life difficult. The river flows through Papanasam, populary known for it’s dam among the other tourist attractions. Last month, Papanasam was declared as a “plastic free zone”. To remove all sorts of plastics and non-bio degradables from this river has been of number one priority to E.F.I. With the support of the panchayat at Papanasam, E.F.I facilitated a clean up where the plastics and other hazardous pollutants were removed from the river. This was a phase-1 clean up. E.F.I will follow up with a phase-2 clean up in the coming weeks. Rivers are one of the most important source for agriculture in Tamil Nadu. Any form of pollution that might induce the slightest level of toxicity affects not just the animals but also the food we consume. It is therefore important to stop releasing waste into the water bodies without prior treatment.

Advantages of a clean river include

  1. Temperature regulation
  2. Ground water percolation
  3. Prevention of waterborne diseases
  4. Localized climate change combat

E.F.I wishes to thank the Papanasam Panchyat administration for their support in making this clean up a fruitful one. E.F.I extends it’s gratitude and appreciation to it’s volunteer co-ordinators Ram Narayanan and Shanmuganathan.

To join us in our efforts of environmental conservation at Tirunelveli,
contact- 9677097824.

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