The Lake by the Wind Farm in Kanyakumari

The District of Kanyakumari has long been cherished for being the southern tip of the nation, with serene and picturesque beaches that adorn the region. The district, however, is also home to various lush-green natural landscapes and water bodies like no other place in the country. The Muppandal Village is one such area. Known for its gusty winds coming from the Arabian Sea and passing through mountain passes, the Muppandal Village is a well-renowned wind farm area.

The Lakshmi Pudhu Kulam is a semi-urban waterbody situated in Muppandal village. Over the years, owing to sheer negligence, the water body has lost its structural integrity and has become a victim of rampant growth of invasive weeds, taking over native species in its vicinity.

In an effort to revive the lake, E.F.I has joined hands with the Kanyakumari District Collectorate to ecologically restore the Lakshmi Pudhu Kulam.

Efforts on the ground include:

  • Removal of invasive weeds
  • Desilting of excess silt to stabilize lake bed and increase storage capacity
  • Bund creation and strengthening
  • Regulation of inlet and outlet points
  • Establishment of recharge wells and nesting islands

We thank the local residents and community for strengthening our efforts. Stay tuned for more updates.

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