Reviving a Sewage-Filled Pond in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, known as the Garden City of India, was once known for its pleasant weather and picturesque locations. With greenery everywhere, the city welcomed inhabitants, which resulted in a massive increase in its population growth. This resulted in a development explosion that made the city witness rapid urbanization with several IT companies, industries, and institutions being set up.

As the city progressed, the natural landscapes began to digress as there was little to no heed given to protect and conserve them. Several ponds and lakes soon lose their address as lake-view apartments began to emerge in their place. Other water bodies began to shrink or were overtaken by rampant growth of invasive weeds, or were abused by excessive dumping of solid waste. The Yelahanka Pond is one such pond that has been through it all.

Located in the BSF Staff Quarters in Yelahanka, a suburb north of Bengaluru, the pond was completely overtaken by invasive weeds and was in dire need of a restoration. E.F.I with administrative support from BSF and the Government of Karnataka has taken on the task of reviving this water body.

Interventions to be implemented at this pond:

  • Removal of contaminated, nutrient-rich water that has accumulated owing to the inflow of sewage
  • Removal of invasive weeds
  • Desilting the pond, to improve and enhance its uneven contour
  • Establishment of embankments to ensure water retention and to provide structural integrity
  • Plantation of native tree species to enhance biodiversity and soil quality

We thank the local residents and volunteers for strengthening our efforts in restoring this water body. Stay tuned for more updates!

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