The Little Pond by the Mighty Salt Lake – Thazhanthangal

The Kelambakkam region located in the Chengalpet District is a region that is blessed with a plethora of natural and scenic water bodies. From the vast and mighty Great Salt Lake to numerous lakes and ponds in the region, one is sure to find a water body within a short radius. The Thazhanthangal Pond is one of these water bodies that adorn the region.

For years, the pond being neglected was affected by modernisation and ignorance. Invasive weeds took over the pond’s boundaries while the area of the pond reduced significantly as the pond had lost its structural integrity.

With support from the Chengalpet District Administration, E.F.I had taken on the task of rejuvenating the Thazhanthangal Pond in Kelambakkam.

Removal of Invasive Weeds

Invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora and Ipomoea carnea were removed from the pond using excavators and machinery.


Owing to no proper maintenance, the pond had excess silt deposits that had affected the pond’s storage capacity. The excess silt was excavated to an average depth of 3-4 feet, where the excavated silt was used to strengthen bunds and construct nesting islands.

Nesting Islands

Given its close proximity to the coast, the pond naturally attracts several lifeforms to it. With the help of excavated silt, 2 nesting islands were constructed at the pond.

After restoration

The pond now with a strengthened bund, and devoid of invasive weeds is now able to breathe in peace and play an important role as a source of water in the region.

We thank our partners, volunteers, and well-wishers for supporting this effort.

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