Vazhamarathukuttai – Restoring the Lake Near the Great Salt Lake

Located in Thiruporur, the Vazhamarathukuttai is a 6-acre large lake that is situated adjacent to the Great Salt Lake in Southern Chennai. The Vazhamarathukuttai plays an important role as a habitat for local flora and fauna, and in improving the groundwater recharge of the region.

The lake, however, owing to no proper maintenance over the years and sheer neglect was found to have a rampant growth of invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora, Ipomoea carnea, and overgrown thorny shrubs. The structural integrity of the lake was rapidly diminishing as it had no proper shape and deformed bunds in its boundaries.

In a collaborative conservation effort between the Chengalpet District Administration, Aspire Technology, and E.F.I, the Vazhamarathukuttai was taken up for complete rejuvenation.

Removal of Invasive Weeds

With the help of machinery, the thick vegetation of invasive weeds was cleared from the site.

Desilting the Lake

Excess silt deposits found across the lake bed owing to no maintenance were cleared to an average depth of 3-4 feet. The excavated silt was then used to construct and strengthen the lake’s bunds. This also increases the storage capacity of the lake.

Nesting Islands

To provide a site for nesting and to enhance the biodiversity of the lake, nesting islands were constructed in the lake.

After Restoration

With all its new features, the Vazhamarathukuttai in Chengalpet has a new story to tell. A safe haven for the local flora-fauna and a source of water for generations to come.

We thank all those who supported us in this effort.

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