Restoring A Pond in Coimbatore’s IT Hub – Vilankurichi Pond

Vilankurichi, a neighbourhood located in the Northeastern region of Coimbatore is considered to be the IT Hub of the city. Being recently merged to the Corporation, Vilankurichi plays an important role as a growing locality with good connectivity to neighbouring regions. Apart from the rapid urbanisation, the city is also blessed with several natural resources that adorn it. There are numerous farmlands, canals, lakes and ponds that help maintain the ecological balance of the region.

Owing to sheer negligence and arrogance, several of these natural landscapes began to disappear. Lakes and ponds in the region soon became dumpyards, cesspools or barren lands. The Vilankurichi Pond is one such a water body that suffered a similar fate.

In an effort to revive this water body back to its former glory, E.F.I in collaboration with the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and NTT DATA took on the task of rejuvenating the Vilankurichi Pond.

Removal of Invasive Weeds

Weeds such as Parthenium, Lantana camara, Prosopis juliflora that tend to dominate and suppress the native vegetation were cleared from the pond. A total of 2 tonnes of weeds were removed.

Removal of Solid Waste

Being surrounded by residential complexes, the pond was continuously exploited through constant dumping of solid waste into the pond. Nearly 6 tonnes of garbage was removed from the pond with support from the Corporation.

Before-After comparison of pond post weed and garbage clearance

Desilting and Bund Construction

Owing to no maintenance, the pond had an uneven contour due to excess silt deposits found across its bed. The excess was excavated and was later used to construct embankments across the pond to improve its water holding structure.

Construction of Dump Islands

Using the excess silt, dump islands were constructed in the North and Northeast zones of the pond. The islands will serve as a nesting ground for native fauna such as birds, amphibians and reptiles.

Protective Fencing

To ensure there is no further intervention at the pond, 8ft tall concrete poles with wire mesh and a cross-sectional barbed wire was installed on the pond’s periphery. This shall act as the first line of defense and also provide a definitive boundary to the pond.

We thank all the local residents and volunteers who helped strengthen our efforts on field.

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  1. There is another pond in that area which is dumped with 1hgh sewage water and no body is interested in cleaning that for the past 12 years. If anyone can help us please contact my whatsup number 8946016851

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