Rekindling our Love For Lakes

The world today is growing tolerant to the never ending lockdown and the growing pandemic cases. Countries have started to adapt to the situation at hand and are working on alternatives to resume or start afresh. In this pursuit to achieve the greater good, the natural environment that bloomed through the pandemic thanks to reduced anthropogenic activities is now once again facing the brunt.

Lakes, ponds, rivers and the ocean are once again getting polluted with solid waste as people seem to have forgotten their importance. Almost 2 years into the pandemic, we have lost our personal touch and affection that had given us the motivation to protect and conserve the environment.

In an effort to bring back that emotion and sense of responsibility towards protecting the environment, E.F.I had conducted activities across 7 cities in India. Take a look at all that happened during these activities!

Alwar – Wall E & Clean up at the Kishen Kund-Haathi Kund Canal

Local residents and volunteers joined hands to clean the canal and paint the public walls in Alwar.

Gurgaon – Clean up at the Johad Kaliawas Pond

Solid waste that polluted the Johad Kaliawas has now been removed thanks to our amazing volunteers who joined us.

Indore – Clean up at the Saraswathi Riverfront

Volunteers from across the city joined us to clean the Saraswathi riverfront.

Sanand – Clean up at the Bhadreti Lake

Solid and plastic waste that were constantly dumped at the lake has now been removed!

Chidambaram – Clean up at the Chinna Anna Kulam

Over 150 kg of plastic waste removed from the Chinna Anna Kulam!

Coimbatore – ForesTree at Vadavalli

Nurturing and caring the saplings that would one day grow to give us shade and life. 

Chennai – Cyclakes

An ecological cycle tour to Chennai’s lakes and ponds.

Chennai – Oh Shun Trash

Close to 50 volunteers joined us at the beach and had removed nearly half a ton of waste from the coast!

Chennai – Clean up at the Madambakkam Lake

Volunteers and local residents removed close to 200 kg of waste from the Madambakkam Lake!

Chennai – Clean up at the Kannagi Nagar Pond

Clean up at the Kannagi Nagar Pond was bags filled with waste, and faces with the brightest smiles! 

Chennai – Lake Safari

An ecological tour to Chennai’s lakes and ponds to understand their importance!

We would like to thank all the volunteers and local residents who joined us for all the above activities! We look forward to volunteering for India’s environment once again!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I

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