Mandapam Kuttai – The Mini Ecological Hotspot

Mandapam Kuttai is a small pond amidst the residential population. The locals had abused Mandapam Kuttai for a long time. With E.F.I.’s efforts in 2019, the pond was cleaned, restored, and fenced. The pond’s bunds were strengthened, plantation of native species was carried out, and recharge pits were constructed to enhance groundwater recharge.

Now nearly after a year, Mandapam Kuttai hosts diverse life forms, like dragonflies, butterflies, Lapwings, Moorhens, Grey Heron, and Kingfishers and is a mini ecological hotspot. Nature has replenished itself and manifested itself with all its splendour!

We thank all those who supported us in this restoration!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind!

Photos and blog by: K Sri Sivaram, Communications intern

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