E.F.I’s Eco-Restoration in Vijayawada- The Chinna Cheruvu

E.F.I in association with the Krishna District administration has started work on restoring the Chinna Cheruvu. The name in Telugu translates to the ‘Small Pond’.

The Chinna Cheruvu located at Kanuru, a neighbourhood in Southern Vijayawada which is home to several lakes and ponds that have been neglected/abused over the years.

Threats to Chinna Cheruvu:

  • Dumping of Non-degradable waste
  • Inlet of domestic sewage

The above two factors have led to Algal bloom & growth of Duckweed.

These challenges at the Chinna Cheruvu are now being tackled one at a time. Efforts are currently underway to remove the contaminated water following which other measures will be rolled out to until the Chinna Cheruvu is completely revived.

More details and updates from the restoration to follow. Stay tuned!

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-Jai Hind-

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