Lake in an Industrial Zone revived.

The Madras Export Processing Zone located at Tambaram in South Chennai is a lot more than an industrial hub. With hills and lakes on either sides, this region is home to ‘Alleri.’ The new water identity of the region. A lily pond that turned into a cesspool over the years is today back to regaining its lost glory.

What has changed in Alleri?

  • 8 months of restoration efforts has ensured that the trash, industrial sediments have been removed
  • The inflow is now regulated through a segmented canal which will ensure that the running stream deposits sediments, cross bunds with its plantation draws the nutrition, the clearer water runs towards the recharge pits in the heart of the lake
  • Sedimentation tanks on either sides with a central circular recharge pit enhances the percolation at the water holding area
  • The protective fencing, double level earthen embankments will enable improved protection.

So much has changed for good, that this lake is now set to be the new form of an old home for the resident turtles, fish, snakes and birds.

We at E.F.I thank the DXC Technology team for funding this restoration effort. We thank the MEPZ authorities for the administrative support and all volunteers for strengthening the efforts.

Volunteer for India & her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind.

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