Voluntary Clean Up at Nainaar Kulam

On account of World Environment Day Celebrations, E.F.I organised a voluntary pond clean up at the Nainaar Pond in Tirunelveli. E.F.I invited volunteers from all walks of life to participate for the clean up. Volunteers collected plastic covers, noodle packets, clothes and other non-degradable wastes during the course of this clean up.

Advantages of a clean pond include:

  1. Temperature regulation
  2. Ground water percolation
  3. Prevention of waterborne diseases
  4. Localized climate change combat

E.F.I thanks it’s Volunteer coordinators, the Tirunelveli Corporation and all the volunteers for strengthening our efforts to cleaner and greener nation.

To volunteer with us in Tirunelveli, Contact- 9677097824

Volunteer with E.F.I for India & her Environment

Jai Hind


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