Magic Unfolds At A Rural Pond

Nattarasampattu Pond Restoration Efforts

Before Restoration
Post Restoration

Nattarasampattu in the outskirts of Chennai witnessed a magical transformation of one of its neglected ponds in 22 days. Volunteers from the local community came together in helping EFI restore a pond in the village. The 2015 floods devastated this rural colony, post which there was a repeated demand for restoration of ponds in the village. With permissions from the district administration of Kanchipuram, mechanical support from L&T and participation from the local community, EFI took up the task of restoration.

The pond revival efforts in photos:

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-Jai Hind-

3 thoughts on “Magic Unfolds At A Rural Pond

  1. Really appreciate your effort for pond restoration, I think restoration happened at wrong time, Before restoration atleast there is some water preserved. In the name of restoration all the preserved waters are drained. If we waited till april or mid of may it would be drained in a natural way, post that we can start restoration. For the next four to five months this pond would be completely dry. My suggestion is before restoration please be aware of monsoon as well.

    This is my personal opinion. Please think of it.

    1. Greetings, thank you for the suggestion. The water in the pond prior to restoration was domestic sewage from the neighborhood sir. It was dewatered and subjected to segmented draining to prevent it from further polluting. Followed by which the pond silt removed and prepared for the upcoming summer showers 🙂

      1. Hello,
        Congrats on your good work.
        Just had a few questions
        1. What about safe disposal of all the stuff which you take out of the pond other than waste waste? Does the district administration help in that as well?

        2. Have local people been mobilised to maintain a close watch on the pond to ensure no further misuse subsequent to restoration?


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