EFI’s Successfully Restored Ponds in Gurugram: Tatarpur Pond

Tatarpur is a village located on the outskirts of Gurugram, Haryana. It is an old village situated amidst the natural settings of croplands and trees. Surrounding Tartarpur, there are many sites of historical significance. It is also well connected with the urban landscape in Gurugram due to its proximity.

In this historical and agricultural setting of rural Haryana lies many old ponds. EFI has tried to identify and revive these lost ponds, starting with the Tatarpur Pond, in collaboration with HDB Financial Services, and the Government of Haryana.

Restoring this pond has benefitted around 2000 people in Tatarpur. In addition to providing ecosystem services such as climate regulation and groundwater recharge, the project has directly impacted the village by providing them a freshwater source for their cattle and irrigation. The pond is located in front of a Government Primary School. Thus, restoration has also helped with flood control during monsoons and mitigated the breeding of mosquitoes and germs by cleaning the contaminated water, ensuring that daily life is not disrupted for the school students.

Pictures from Tatarpur Pond before and after the restoration project:

E.F.I is grateful to the Government of Haryana and HDB Financial Services for their support.

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