#OhShunTrash Mumbai

Such an unique urban pocket, a lot is spoken about resilient Bombay and her citizens. A little is spoken about the natural wonder that Mumbai is. Tulsi-Vihar-Powai lakes, salt pans of the Bandup, the Borivalli hillocks, the meandering Mithi and shallow Mahim bay. Colaba to Dongri a beachfront that is the coastal identity. City of dreams is a paradise indeed.

Urban trash is now dominating almost every square inch of this commercial capital. Specially our beaches, the tide influence ensures the ocean keeps vomiting back all that we have dumped into the mighty depths.

Mahim to Dadar to Prabadevi with its bay characteristics is a prime example of how natural landscapes are victims of urban abuse. E.F.I with several 1000 volunteers since January of 2023 has been focussing on cleaning non-degradable trash from this stretch.

*Why clean the beach?

Beach and ocean not a trash yard.

*What is going to change?

Mindset, onetime participation in this cleanup helps us realize our mistake of using n throwing away non-degradable material.

*The beach gets dirty again…

Yes and we clean again. Its as simple as bathing everyday. A problem of decades cannot be undone with one activity. More no of us volunteering repeatedly, will one day ensure we do not have to clean our beaches.

*What happens to the trash?

Unfortunately it has to go sit in a municipal dumping site. Muck-sand loaded trash cannot be recycled and the quantum we clean needs a mega industrial set up to even treat the trash. Trash spread over kilometers is being docked into one location. Exactly why WE SHOULD REFUSE non-degradable materials in our daily lives.
*How can I support?
Volunteer with us, organize these clean ups. We will stand by you as one team and get more of this done everywhere.

*How do I contact E.F.I?

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