The Twin Ponds of India’s Water Capital – Part 2

Chettimedu, a tiny little village in the Northern periphery of Chennai is located in the industrial belt of the city. Situated on the northern banks of the Kosasthalaiyar river, the region is blessed with numerous water bodies that drain into the river. Over the years as the city began to expand and grow, its natural landscapes soon began to lose their identity.

The Chettimedu Pond, a twin pond, is one such a habitat and ecology that was majorly affected by the impacts of urbanisation and modernisation. The Pond has along with it an outlet channel that flows directly into the Kosasthalaiyar river, making it an important water body in the region. Owing to sheer negligence and no maintenance, the water was soon found to be covered with invasive weeds, choking its life. The Pond had lost its structural integrity that once helped it store water efficiently.

In an effort to rejuvenate this twin pond, E.F.I along with the Greater Chennai Corporation and Karur Vysya Bank had taken on the task of ecologically restoring the lake. Take a look at all that happened during its restoration!

Check out what the community had to say about this restoration!

We thank all the local residents, volunteers, and well-wishers who strengthened our efforts!

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