Rejuvenating Injambakkam’s Urban Pond – Gowriamman Kulam

Injambakkam, a locality in Chennai is located by the coast. Well known for the picturesque beaches and other amenities, the area has a hidden natural world to it too. Several ponds can be found across the region as provide for the people residing in the area. Carefully structured by our ancestors, the water bodies in the area were interconnected, forming an intricate water system.

Over the years, however, these water bodies were left to die as no proper maintenance and constant exploitation began to haunt them. The Gowriamman Kulam was one such water body. Surrounded by a dense locality, the pond had become a site for dumping domestic waste. The walls of the pond were damaged in several portions and invasive weeds such as Prosopis juliflora and thorny shrubs were found in excess along its boundaries.

In an effort to conserve the pond, E.F.I along with the Government of Tamil Nadu, United Way of Mumbai, and Fiserv had taken on the task of restoring the urban pond. Take a look at all that happened during this restoration.

Check out what the community had to say about the restoration!

We thank our volunteers and local residents for supporting us!

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