E.F.I’s Coimbatore H2O- Mettuvavi Oorni Pond

A Scientific Eco-restoration by E.F.I

East Bund of the Mettuvai Oorani pond

Mettuvavi a small town in the Kinathukadavu block, suburbs of Coimbatore is home to several Ponds, lakes and streams.

Early January when scouting this village to adopt and scientifically restore a water body, we stumbled upon the large Oorani pond.

Mettuvavi town & Oorani pond, Satellite imagery

This pond was primarily used for irrigation and ground water recharge but what we saw was completely different.

Mettuvavi Oorni Pond filled with invasive plant // January 2019

Mettuvavi Oorni Pond filled with invasive plant // January 2019

After acquiring all the appropriate permissions from the governing body, E.F.I along with administrative support of the Coimbatore District administration began the scientific restoration of the Oorani Pond in Mettuvavi on March 9th 2019.

Removal of dumped garbage and invasive plants// March 2019

Deepening and De-silting// March 2019

Bund strengthening with the excavated silt// March 2019

After four weeks of machinery work the Mettuvavi pond was given a new look!

Mettuvavi Pond After resoration// April 2019

South Bund of the Mettuvai Oorni Pond // April 2019

Mettuvavi Pond After resoration// April 2019

Along with its’s new bunds, regulated inlet & outlet channels and a large groundwater recharge-pit, this pond is ready for the monsoons!

The newly created Recharge Pit for groundwater percolation.// April 2019

Inlet of the Orrani pond restored and directed towards the recharge pit.// April 2019

Mettuvavi Pond After resoration// April 2019

This restoration is a not just a water conservation & management project but also a habitat restoration making this a ecologically suitable zone for various life forms to thrive.

On the onset of monsoon, native trees and saplings will be planted along the bunds of the water-body to strengthen them and, a massive awareness campaign through traditional art forms such as street-plays, puppetry and more are also set to be rolled out shortly.

The Oorani pond in Mettuvavi is one of the three ponds in the Kinnathukadavu block that we took up for restoration in 2019. The next story is coming out next week!

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