Let’s Celebrate Nature! WED,2017

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This world environment day, has one of the most relevant themes of all times. The theme for this WED is “CONNECT WITH NATURE”.

Nature is an elixir. Although we can’t expect nature to gives us good things, when all we do is feed her garbage. This world environment day is really special for E.F.I because we have a lot of youngsters who are organising and coordinating all our activities. The idea is to celebrate nature. E.F.I believes we must celebrate nature everyday. Nature is the reason we are all alive and lead a happy life. Despite our differences, nature is the only thing that we all have in common. This beautiful earth is a home to lot of creatures and humans happen to be one of them. Just because we all have a sixth sense, we can’t assume ourselves to be superior to other species.  For this reason, this year the theme has been designed to appreciate nature and her bounty to all the creatures in this world.

For the last two years, Chennai has been experiencing the effect of climate change (negative effect) in the month of December through natural calamities. First the floods and then the cyclone Vardah. If there was something these disasters taught us, it was how destructive nature can get if we keep feeding her garbage and filth through out the year.

It is not possible to  immediately stop the world from littering everywhere or releasing treated sewage into the ocean . All we can do right now is prevent any further damage. We can only hope to create something that’s not worse than how we are living right now.

E.F.I has been instrumental in reviving the spirits of more than 54 lakes across the country.  Environmental conservation is our primary goal. To conserve is to preserve, this environment for the generations to come. We create positive impact in the minds of the people about environmental conservation. We wish to include everybody around us in environmental conservation. Lake restoration is one of the many things we do. This world environment day, join us to celebrate nature.

Following are the activities planned by E.F.I:

Date : June 3rd, 2017
Activity: Clean Up
Time : 7 AM -10 AM
Venue : Nanmangalam Lake, Chennai
Date : June 3rd, 2017
Activity: Clean Up
Time : 7 AM -10 AM
Venue : Karasangal Lake, Chennai
Date : June 4th, 2017 Clean Up
Activity: Clean Up
Time : 7 AM -10 AM
Venue :  Mudichur Seekana Eri, Chennai
Date: June 4th, 2017
Activity : Clean Up
Venue: Thiruneermalai Lake
Contact : 9600954609
Date:  June 3rd, 2017
Activity: Nature Walk with Mr. Arun Krishnamurthy
Time : 5.30 PM Onwards
Venue : Gandhi Park,Coimbatore
Date:  June 4th, 2017
Activity: Lake Clean Up
Time: 7 AM -10 AM
Venue: Kumaraswamy Lake
Contact:9500047657,97894 77534
 Date: 5th June 2017
Activity : Pond Clean Up
Venue: Nainnar Kulam, Tirunelveli
Contact: 9677097824
Come,let’s celebrate this beautiful nature. Let’s appreciate this beautiful earth and all that she has given us. For the only thing we all have in common is Nature!
Volunteer with E.F.I for this beautiful India and her wonderful Environment.
Jai Hind

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