The Kapra Lake Story

A sprawling metropolis with smart citizens would definitely not have been a mute spectator to the broad daylight massacre of a freshwater habitat, however, we in Hyderabad just did that.

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Kapra lake, a large pristine waterbody in Hyderabad is being built upon, dumped with everything ranging from domestic waste to religious debris. In the name of religion, language, commerce and development we cannot continue to ruin our natural habitats.

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Kapra lake needs immediate restoration and EFI calls for all like minded individuals to come together in cleaning and scientifically restoring this lake.

We are PRO-ENVIRONMENT and not anti anybody, let us start positive.

The clay ganesh was our tradition, not these plaster of paris idols. Our elephant god is special, he doesn’t deserve to be thrown and discarded in this pitiful condition.

If a true Hindu we need to stop insulting our god and respect our environment better.

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We can no longer be mute spectators to our natural environment being polluted on a daily basis. With optimism let us start cleaning our thoughts, lakes and live in harmony with all life forms.

Volunteer for India and Her Environment with EFI!

-Jai Hind-

Photographs: Abhinava Kidambi EFI, Arahat and Surya Vantaram EFI

Location: Kapra Lake, Hyderabad.

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  1. Please let know when the next cleanup activity is organized….We can lend some helping hand and also work towards reducing such dumping in the future….

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