A New Beginning from Odisha

Often termed as the Soul of India, Odisha is a land that is blessed with abundant natural resources. Countless picturesque water bodies, hills, forests and a serene coastline linked with its rich culture and heritage make this state India’s best kept secret. As the state grew in terms of urbanization and modernization, countless inhabitants began to pour into these promising lands.

In this steady growth, the natural resources of Odisha began to lose their limelight and were soon witnesses to neglect and exploitation over the years. In an effort to curb this problem at hand, E.F.I along with Dharitri has taken on the ambitious task of reviving water bodies across the state, starting with the Haridamada Lake in the Khordha District.

Situated near Bhubaneshwar, the village of Haridamada is surrounded by forests and agricultural lands. The Lake in the past was once an important source of water for the people in the village. Over the years with no maintenance in place, the lake had lost its structural integrity, making it unfit to store water effectively.

With administrative support from the Government of Odisha, and the Khordha District Collectorate, E.F.I with Dharitri commenced the lake restoration on the 27th of May 2023 alongside local residents from the community.

Efforts are now being rolled out to ensure the restoration is completed in time before the monsoons settle in.

We thank all those who have strengthened our efforts in restoring Odisha’s water bodies. Stay tuned for more updates!

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