Water Bodies in the City’s Urban Pocket – The Rettaikuttai Lake Restoration

Located just adjacent to the OMR, an arterial road in Chennai, the Rettaikuttai Lake is a large water body in the Semmanchery-Navalur region. The region is adorned with several lakes and ponds that are interconnected with each other, forming an intricate water system for the area. The outflow of most of the water bodies in this system was found to make their way into the Rettaikuttai Lake.

The Rettaikuttai Lake also plays an important role in recharging the groundwater table for the region. As development and commercial institutions started to take over the city, several water bodies had fallen prey to the sheer negligence, making them unfit to be a part of a healthy environment. The Rettaikuttai Lake was one among these.

With administrative support from the Government of Tamil Nadu and funding support from Tata Realty & Ramanujam Intellion Park, E.F.I had taken on the task of restoring the Rettaikuttai Lake. Take a look at all that happened so far during its restoration.

We thank all the local residents and well-wishers for strengthening our efforts. Stay tuned for more updates.

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I

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