An Urban Pond in the Cultural Town – Chinna Anna Kulam

Built as a community pond by ancestral generations, the Chinna Anna Kulam plays an important role as a source of water for the region. Over the years as the town of Chidambaram expanded, the town began to witness rapid urbanisation, and a steady rise in its population. This led to the deterioration of its water bodies, as little to no attention was given to their well-being.

The Chinna Anna Kulam prior to its restoration was taken over by invasive weeds and solid waste. This had significantly reduced the storage area of the water body, and contaminated it, making it a threat to the local environment.

With administrative support from the Cuddalor District Collectorate, and funding support from the IndusInd Bank, E.F.I had took on the restoration of the Chinna Anna Kulam. Take a look at all that had happened during the restoration.

We thank the local residents and volunteers for supporting this restoration.

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I

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