Anaikeni Pond- A Transforming Water body

Many of us would have seen colourful birds and dragonflies in our childhood. Our memories are also filled with the environment and its beauty. Little do we know about them. Birds and dragonflies are an important part of the food chain system. For any living organism water is a vital lifeline. Birds rely on water bodies as their habitat, while a dragonfly starts its life as a larva in water! With increasing destruction of its habitat, their numbers are coming down. Ponds and lakes are important lifelines for living organisms and humans.

Anaikeni pond located near Chennai’s IT hub-Sholinganallur was recently restored by E.F.I.. Since then, the monsoon has set in and the water body is one such hotspot for birds and dragonflies. The island pocket in the pond acts as a perch for birds like kingfishers and shrikes. Colourful dragonflies can be seen all around the pond!

The waterbody which once was polluted, now is full of life. Water bodies like these are important to balance negative human impact on our environment. 

We thank all those who supported us in this restoration!

Volunteer for India and her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind!

Photos and blog by: K Sri Sivaram, Communications intern

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