Hon Governor of TN inaugurates the Alleri Tank.

Located within the M.E.P.Z, the Alleri is an important water body located between the larger Kadaperi and Thiruneermalai lakes. Over the years, due to urbanization and industrialization, the lake witnessed massive pollution thereby leading to loss of habitat characteristics and freshwater quality. Through a collaborative conservation effort between
M.E.P.Z, DXC Technology and
the Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I),
the lake has now been scientifically revived.

The restoration involved:
1. Removal of garbage and other debris from the lake’s water holding area
2. Removal of invasive weeds from the water body
3. Creation of a constructed wetland which will purify the inflowing water into the lake
4. Creation of a recharge well connected with sedimentation tanks
5. Dual embankments to hold the water within the lake area
6. Native plantation of berry bearing, fruit bearing and nectar bearing saplings
7. Protective fencing to keep away future abuse
Other unique features include a peripheral walk through display museum of boards with information on the lake and its ecology. Peripheral wall painting of imagery from the lake’s ecology and the installed birds nests within the bamboo garden at the lake. 

Expected outcome from the restoration includes:
1. Increased storage capacity by 40%
2. Improved ground water recharge
3. Localized temperature regulation
4. Regained natural habitat within an industrial park. 

The lake post restoration was inaugurated by H.E, the governor of TamilNadu Thiru. Banwarilal Purohit on the 8th of February. An effort aimed at dedicating the lake back to nature. 

Volunteer for India & her Environment with E.F.I, Jai Hind.

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