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A Pan India Lake Restoration Initiative To Restore Our Water Bodies.

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We all care for the environment but little do we do to conserve it, we always wait for “Somebody” to do it on our behalf. Wait no further, that “Somebody” has arrived. EFI focuses on result oriented conservation projects which benefit wildlife and its habitat. One such a project is “Fence It” which is EFI’s flagship Lake Restoration Initiative. Urban water bodies in India are completely neglected and ignorance among the city dwellers has led to many pristine water bodies in our cities standing as sewage dump yards.
We all understand that water is the base for life but still fail to understand our daily crime of abusing our lakes. In order to change this trend EFI has been cleaning lakes in Indian cities since 2008, however, our clean ups have had minimal impact as people prefer dumping more trash for it to be cleaned by us later. Aimed at bringing a permanent and stronger solution to this issue, EFI is now focusing on complete restoration of these water bodies for all life forms to thrive upon and have minimal human activity within the protected lakes to ensure effective conservation.

Steps Involved in a Lake Restoration:

1. Cleaning the periphery of the lake of all physical garbage.

2. Identifying sources of sewage inlet and regulate them to prevent contamination.

3. Dredging and de-silting the lake to remove the deposits and using the same to strengthen the bunds.

4. Organized native species plantation on the lake bund.

5. Fencing the lake to keep away encroachment and avoid trash accumulation.

All the above mentioned activities are volunteer driven and executed per planned methodologies.

Current Lake Restoration Projects (to be completed by 2014 in phases):

1. Keezhkattalai Lake (Chennai)

2. Mudichur Lake (Chennai)

3. Kapra Lake (Hyderabad)

4. Gurunadham Cheruvu (Hyderabad)

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